By Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson

Growing up, I thought that I was Michael Knight from the television show Knight Rider.

Who could blame me? The role of Michael Knight was played by David Hasselhoff who wore a cool leather jacket and he had a fox working in the lab in Patricia McPherson aka, the beautiful, Bonnie. Oh yeah, by the way, he had a car that talked. The voice of that car also happens to be William Daniels. Besides playing alongside Denzel Washington in the drama, St. Elsewhere, you surely know Daniels as Mr. Fenney in the ABC hit Boy Meets World.

Yup, both David Hasselhoff and Michael Knight had the charmed life.

Oh yeah and by the way, there’s icing on the cake! The opening theme song of Knight Rider is timeless! The words in the show also stick to your ribs like oatmeal on the coldest of winter days:

Knight Rider: A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

Knight Rider Theme

So when a said Hasselhoff, known for his role also as Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch phones into this morning’s episode of the Brown and Scoop podcast on CBS Radio’s network, yup that’s a big deal.

Worth noting: The Hoff is a fan of the Knight Rider theme. He credits it’s relevancy to this day.

“Busta Rhymes came up with a Knight Rider theme in one of his songs,” David Hasselhoff told Jake Brown and I Friday. “I think in the 90’s [Fire It Up] and it was just too good. So to this day, believe it or not, the Knight Rider theme and the Knight Rider car follows me everywhere, as does the Baywatch theme. So, I kinda think they’re hand in hand.”

Busta Rhymes’ Fire It Up

This Sunday, Hasselhoff’s birthday, El Rey Network will house a 10-hour Knight Rider marathon that will feature all four season premiere double features, including fan favorite episode, “Goliath,” in which Hasselhoff also plays Michael Knight’s evil twin Garthe. He will also be hosting a Facebook Live on his Facebook page.

The 80s and 90s were Hasselhoff’s playground. He was a full fledged star. But so was a certain nine time NFL Pro Bowler by the name of Dan Marino. Ah yes, the last quarterback drafted in the 1983 NFL Draft who led the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs 10 times in his 17-year career and who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005 is mistaken for David Hasselhoff? It should be an honor, right? NOT!!

“If you ask Dan Marino that question, he won’t smile,” Hasselhoff told me. “I don’t think he likes it. You know, they used to call him Hollywood Marino. In the locker room they called him Hasselhoff and he didn’t like it. And I think he gets it more than I do. I think it’s freaking funny. You know, I think everything is funny and that’s the problem. I find humor in just about everything.”

Before checking out of today’s Brown and Scoop podcast, Hasselhoff shared a funny story that while on an airplane, a married couple had a 50 dollar bet with themselves as to whether Hasselhoff was Marino or himself.

“The man comes over and says, ‘will you sign this football Mr. Marino?’ And he says, ‘My wife thinks you’re David Hasselhoff and I got a bet for 50 bucks that your name is Dan Marino.’ So I say; ‘I’ll be happy to sign that football.’ And I signed it David Hasselhoff and I said: ‘you just lost 50 bucks.’ And he got up and took that football and walked away so sheepishly and I was laughing so hard. I looked at her and I said: ‘Where’s my cut? I want half of that 50 bucks!’ She was laughing and came over and gave me a big hug and said: ‘I knew it was you, I knew it was you.’ I get that, I get it occasionally, But I think he gets it a lot.”

Today’s Brown and Scoop is full of Hasselhoff tidbits like the first time he met William Daniels, the voice of KITT at a Knight Rider Christmas party. According to Hasselhoff, they never worked together on set because all of their interactions where created in post-production.

“A guy walks over to my table and goes: ‘Hi I’m William Daniels, I play KITT.’ And I say: “Oh I’m David Hasselhoff and I play Michael.’ And he says: ‘Oh we have a hit don’t we?’ And that was our first conversation. That’s a true story, man! I never did a scene with the Knight Rider car, the KITT guy, William Daniels, but I became really good friends with him because they put all of his stuff through post-production. When the show was cut, they’d throw in William Daniels voice and tell him what to say and he would respond to what I would say and would reply to whoever would read the lines that day.”

Hasselhoff will be on the big screen again soon. Sharknado 4 drops July 31 And according to The Hoff, it’s sometimes hard being serious while on set.

“The hardest part of doing Sharknado when you’re doing it is to stop from laughing,” he said. “It’s so bad! It’s so bad that it’s freaking fantastic. It’s so bad, it can’t get any worse. I’m telling you, Sharknado 4 is worse! It’s worse! There’s more blood, there’s more shark, there’s more complete mayhem, madness, stupidity, corny shark than you can imagine.”

Brandon Robinson is a sports and entertainment writer and TV personality. You can catch him daily on CBS Radio’s Brown And Scoop Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @SCOOPB and visit and


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