Feinstein: Would Love To See Auriemma Coach A Men's TeamJohn Feinstein analyzes the UConn 100-game win streak.
Feinstein: Disgusted That Jerry Jones Got In HOFJohn Feinstein was not happy with Jerry Jones getting in the Hall of Fame.
Lawrence: The Exclamation Point On The NFL SeasonSuper Bowl LI, the NFL season's final game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, was nothing short of epic.
Lawrence: Behind The NFL's CurtainThe NFL offers great access to its players, ambassadors and traditions during Super Bowl Week.
Feinstein: Nothing I Dreaded More Than Going To The Super BowlJohn Feinstein talks about his experiences going to the Super Bowl.
Feinstein: Tom Izzo Won't Be Listening To Outsider AdviceJohn Feinstein talks about Tom Izzo and his comments on what others think.
Lawrence: Last Stop, Houston!The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, the NFL's two best teams, make for an explosive matchup in Super Bowl LI.
DA: What A Ring Would Mean For The Final Four QuarterbacksDA looks at the final four QBs standing and what a ring would mean for them.
Feinstein: Lift At Your Own Risk, RoryJohn Feinstein talks about lifting weights in the sport of golf.
Lawrence: Social Media Seismology In Today's NFLSteelers receiver Antonio Brown Facebook Lived a locker room speech in which coach Mike Tomlin called the Patriots a vulgarity.
Feinstein: Games Are Just Too LongJohn Feinstein is not a fan of the length of games.
Lawrence: NFL Playoffs Divisional Round ReduxThe NFL's Divisional Playoffs feature four rematches from earlier in the season. But a lot has changed since those games.

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