DA: What A Ring Would Mean For The Final Four QuarterbacksDA looks at the final four QBs standing and what a ring would mean for them.
Feinstein: Lift At Your Own Risk, RoryJohn Feinstein talks about lifting weights in the sport of golf.
Feinstein: Games Are Just Too LongJohn Feinstein is not a fan of the length of games.
Lawrence: NFL Playoffs Divisional Round ReduxThe NFL's Divisional Playoffs feature four rematches from earlier in the season. But a lot has changed since those games.
Feinstein: Don't Tell Me Coach K Is A Bad GuyJohn Feinstein talks about his dear friend Coach K and why he's not a bad guy.
Lawrence: The Good, The Bad And The UglyAll NFL playoff teams are not created equal. Momentum, experience, health and leadership will help determine which teams survive.
Lawrence: Aaron Rodgers, Leader Of The PackRodgers was blamed for the Packers' early-season woes, even with the defense's poor play. But now Green Bay is surging.
Lawrence: Brock Or Bust For The TexansThe Texans benched the inconsistent Brock Osweiler against the Jaguars, but given his contract, he'll likely get another shot.
Lawrence: Cowboy ConflictDak Prescott struggled in the Cowboys loss to the Giants, leading to premature calls for Tony Romo to take over at quarterback.
Feinstein: A Message To Anonymous Dope Bowl OfficialFeinstein talks about Navy football and the respect that they deserve.
Lawrence: Don't Forsake DefenseDefense wins championships in the NFL, and given this season's leading playoff contenders, the saying will likely hold true again.
Feinstein: Race Still An Issue In NCAAJohn Feinstein talks about the Charlie Strong firing and race still being an issue.

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