Feinstein: NCAA Must Hammer UNC For Academic FraudIf the NCAA wants to retain what little credibility it has left, it must punish UNC for academic fraud – harshly, John Feinstein says
Feinstein: "Kirt" Cousins Negotiations Latest Example Of Dan Snyder's IncompetenceDan Snyder's incompetence is nothing new, John Feinstein says. Kirk Cousins' contract – or lack thereof – is simply the latest example
Feinstein: It Takes Courage For Athletes To Speak Up Knowing They'll Be AttackedJohn Feinstein believes that athletes have a right to express opinions and take stands, regardless of the politics
Feinstein: Reporters Need More Access To Tennis PlayersJohn Feinstein shared some of his fond and not-so-fond memories of covering tennis
Feinstein: Jackson's Knicks Tenure "One Of The Great Disasters In Sports History"Phil Jackson's legacy is forever diminished – and he has no one to blame but himself, John Feinstein writes
Feinstein: Dan Snyder's Stance On Free Speech Hypocritical, ObnoxiousDan Snyder, and too many people like him, cry free speech only when it's convenient, John Feinstein says
Feinstein: Sports Needs Guys Like Rory: Honest, Opinionated and SmartIf you ask Rory McIlroy a question, he'll give you an answer – an honest one
Feinstein: Kaepernick Did Nothing Wrong; Owner Backlash HypocriticalColin Kaepernick remains a free agent for many reasons, but football isn't one of them, says John Feinstein
Feinstein: Frank Deford's Work And Accomplishments Will Live ForeverThe long-time Sports illustrated writer passed away this week at age 78, but his work will continue to live on.
Feinstein: John Wall Is Not A Superstar, Needs To Act Like He's Been There BeforeJohn Feinstein wasn't a fan of John Wall's over-the-top celebration following Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals
Feinstein: You Don't Need To Have Played A Game To Analyze ItJohn Feinstein doesn't believe you have to be a Hall of Famer – or even a pro athlete – to analyze sports well
John Feinstein: Rory McIlroy Is Thoughtful, Doesn't Duck QuestionsJohn Feinstein shared his thoughts – and a few stories – about one of golf's greatest

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