John Feinstein


John Feinstein, an award-winning columnist and one of the nation’s most successful and prolific sports authors, has written over two dozen books to date including the bestselling A Good Walk Spoiled and A Season on the Brink. In addition to hosting a radio show on CBS Sports Radio, he writes for the Washington Post, and is a regular commentator on the Golf Channel.

Feinstein: Games Are Just Too Long

John Feinstein is not a fan of the length of games.


Feinstein: Don’t Tell Me Coach K Is A Bad Guy

John Feinstein talks about his dear friend Coach K and why he’s not a bad guy.


Feinstein: A Message To Anonymous Dope Bowl Official

Feinstein talks about Navy football and the respect that they deserve.


Feinstein: Race Still An Issue In NCAA

John Feinstein talks about the Charlie Strong firing and race still being an issue.


Feinstein: There’s More To Life Than Sports

John looks back at the life of Gwen Ifill.


Feinstein: Palestra Is Best Place There Is In Basketball

John Feinsteins recounts stories of Bobby Knight and the Palestra in Philly.


Feinstein: Anonymous Sources Are Inexcusable

John Feinstein talks about reporting today and anonymous sources.


John Feinstein Proposes Changes To Shorten MLB Games

John Feinstein proposes ideas to shorten the length of MLB games.


Feinstein: Hockey Season Is Here…Can’t Wait

John Feinstein talks about his love for hockey and the Islanders as the season arrives.


Feinstein: Unfortunate Ditka, Andrulonis Are Listened To By Anybody

John Feinstein gives his take on the national anthem protests.




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