Feinstein: Army, Navy, Air Force Have Purpose Beyond FootballArmy and Air Force likely won't beat Ohio State or Michigan this Saturday, but their success isn't measured by touchdowns
Feinstein: Police Owe Bennett Apology; Stop Defending The IndefensibleJohn Feinstein describes himself as "pro-cop" and "pro-military," but the excuses coming from Las Vegas police are maddening, he says
Feinstein: I Didn't Like Rollie Massimino; I Loved HimThe longtime basketball coach, who led Villanova to the national championship in 1985, died Wednesday at 82
Feinstein: If You Want Politics Out Of Sports, Stop Playing The Anthem Before GamesJohn Feinstein loves hearing the anthem and will always stand for it. But if you truly want politics out of sports, he says, stop playing it
Feinstein: MLB Was Wrong To Punish Joe WestJoe West shouldn't have been suspended for having a sense of humor, John Feinstein says
Feinstein: I Let The Record Speak For ItselfJohn Feinstein was critical of North Carolina last week; this week, the Duke grad responded to people accusing him of Blue Devils bias
Feinstein: NCAA Must Hammer UNC For Academic FraudIf the NCAA wants to retain what little credibility it has left, it must punish UNC for academic fraud – harshly, John Feinstein says
Feinstein: "Kirt" Cousins Negotiations Latest Example Of Dan Snyder's IncompetenceDan Snyder's incompetence is nothing new, John Feinstein says. Kirk Cousins' contract – or lack thereof – is simply the latest example
Feinstein: It Takes Courage For Athletes To Speak Up Knowing They'll Be AttackedJohn Feinstein believes that athletes have a right to express opinions and take stands, regardless of the politics
Feinstein: Reporters Need More Access To Tennis PlayersJohn Feinstein shared some of his fond and not-so-fond memories of covering tennis
Feinstein: Jackson's Knicks Tenure "One Of The Great Disasters In Sports History"Phil Jackson's legacy is forever diminished – and he has no one to blame but himself, John Feinstein writes
Feinstein: Dan Snyder's Stance On Free Speech Hypocritical, ObnoxiousDan Snyder, and too many people like him, cry free speech only when it's convenient, John Feinstein says

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