Ray Farmer: Browns Need Less Turnover, More PatienceFrom general manager to head coach to quarterback, it's been a revolving door for Cleveland, which is 4-40 since 2015
La Canfora: Browns Are Broken – And It's Not Hue Jackson's FaultThe Browns' "institutional ineptitude," not Hue Jackson, has doomed the franchise, Jason La Canfora says
Nate Burleson: Social Media Hurting Johnny Manziel, Younger GenerationNate Burleson discussed his new role with The NFL Today and weighed in on various issues around the league
Johnny Manziel Responds To His Father's "Druggie" Comments With Instagram PostLast week Johnny Manziel's father, Paul Manziel, finally threw in the towel on his son, calling him a druggie and Johnny responds.
Source Close To Johnny Manziel Says He's In Horrible Downward SpiralThe former Browns QB's partying habits have his friends worried over his health.
Keidel: Is Johnny Football Really Johnny Addict?Johnny Manziel has a substance-abuse problem. He'll have to save himself before he can even think about football.

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